100 Photos from a 200 Mile Thru-Hike in the Ozarks














Praying Mantic prepares for a hug on yellow flowers OHT

toad by spiderweb on OHT










Hobo Falls trickling falls with orange reflection on OHT


Inch worm in orange camo on OHT




Superman emblem in nature with fall leaves on OHT

Tom Shanks and Spaldng ride the beast on OHT

Vibrant leaf trap on Hurricane Creek waterflow OHT





sneaking up on spalding on OHT

Giant waterbug shadow ripples on water


Fairview sunset on OHT

Candle light vigil on the OHT




Heart on fall leaves on OHTMoss stone steps and fall leaves


Re-route camp in rainSnail on a rainy day on OHT

through the trees as fall approaches on OHTYellow fall leaves on trees OHT



Buffalo River overlook with golden leavesBuffalo River Plank point overlook selfie

Fall over field on Buffalo National RiverBuffalo National River selfie on wading day


Floating fall leaves variety on water

Fallen leaf collection in creek on Buffalo trail


ozmore with pack on plank rock OHTSpalding face hug on Buffalo River Overlook


Dillards Ferry Sprint overlook with Spalding

The Blood of Winter Demons of Lost Souls


Check out johnozmore.com for artwork, sculptures, writing, and photography from the author or to purchase the Dark Fantasy novel, “The Blood of Winter” from Amazon, available in paperback and Kindle versions.


E-book versions of the Dark Fantasy, “The Blood of Winter” are also available for Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scrib’d, Angus & Robertson, and other major retailers.

If you want to find out more information about the OHT you can check out the Ozark Highlands Trail Association website at ozarkhighlandstrail.com. They have some basic information and tips as well as any changes in the trail such as reroutes from landslides and other information that may change the trail experience. You can also check out ultralightbackpacker.com for some really great tips, advice, and recipes for any thru-hike whether you decide to go ultra-light or want to loaf it and take your time. Check back for more stories and photos from the trail.





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