My Top Photos of 2021

I think it’s been years since I have done a blog. I’ve stayed mostly disconnected and in my own little world. I have done and seen all kinds of weird things in that time. Stories that need to be told, whether you’ll believe them or not. Luckily, I have photographic evidence for most of them. I will blog of those adventures soon, but still plan to stay disconnected. This blog is all about my favorite photos from another crazy year on earth.

I’m excited to see what the New Year holds, and also reticent. The coming year will probably be filled with even more bizarre circumstances that we have experienced since the quarantine. My hope is that it will be filled with new energy, new understanding, love, and joy. Hold on to those close to you. Focus on the world around you, and what’s happening right there in front of you. That’s the world you are living in.

I didn’t get out into nature as much as I’d like this year, and that will definitely be a resolution to keep. I do hope to blog from time to time as well when I get back out into nature and take more photos. This year it was all about friends and family. Family, friends, celebrations, feasts, and weddings. Here are my favorite photos from the year 2021.

Wedding brunch and night on the town to celebrate my niece’s new future with her husband.

Celebrate Responsibly. Bring in the New year with positivity and hope. Here’s a toast to another year on this crazy planet.

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