The Search for Meaning Starts in Nature

We climbed through a portal into another realm away from work and crowds.

Kayak crew on Buffalo 2019
We found our friends and began our journey onto the River in search of waterfalls and peace of mind, free from the stress and worry of everyday life. 

Hidden creatures stalked among wildflowers.

Yellow Butterweed with hidden spidersweatbee on mystery flower

We found hidden waterfalls, crossed the rainbow bridge, and walked through waters of gold.

Schoeppe under waterfall on Buffalo Print

Schoeppe and Wolf at Buffalo waterfallSchoeppe and wolf at buffalo waterfall 2

Golden pyramid in creek water

We consulted with the spirits of the water to ponder why we were brought into this world, a free-spirit trapped in flesh.

Jeremy meditates in the waterfall

Scarlet Catchfly flowers grow on cliffsides and glow under the sun like red stars in a green sky dotted with lichen skirted boulders.

An Indian Sage Paintbrush tries to paint the sky in strokes of red. Dwarf Iris bloom in purple petals to dance on the wind.

White Fairy Flowers on Buffalo

The wings of fairies flutter in the breeze in a white dress amid leaves of green through hidden gullies and ravines.

Mystery Flower along creekside on Buffalo National River
Dodecatheon (Shooting Star Flower)

Red Columbine against contrasting stones

Red Columbine hang like church bells ready to ring.

Red Columbine Group

We ventured further into unfamiliar terrain and the world around us changed.

Duck Goose

Spider exposeGiant spiders greeted us all along the bluffs. They would jump in the water, then run across it’s surface to another piece of crowded cliff-side real estate. Others would just sit still, and some would even wave.

Aragog relaxes on a bluff

Beasts were hiding in the moss along muddy terrain, and their mud mouths spoke of the end of days. 

Alien creature emerges from mucky waterfall and algae

We consulted with the spirits by night, laughing, drinking, and scaring the demons away.

The Fire Serpent was summoned and grew on wings of flame.

Serpent of the Flame

Calling on the fire spirit
We purged the past and got rid of old ghosts. In this moment lies clarity, in the past only pain, but the future lies ahead vast and unclaimed.

There are fantasy worlds hiding right outside your window, beyond your fences, and beyond your wildest dreams. Go seek them and find a new way to live.



The Blood of Winter Demons of Lost Souls


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