Antelope Canyon to the Grand Canyon

We arrived at Antelope Canyon and got a hotel for the night. We started doing some research online to figure out which canyon to go to: Lower Antelope or Upper Antelope Canyon. The upper canyon is more expensive but provides even more beautiful scenery and color. For the price we decided on the Lower Antelope Canyon. Prime viewing times are going to be crowded depending on the time of year you go. We didn’t have to wait long for The Lower Antelope Canyon. There were many Koreans waiting along with us for the tour. I was sure I saw the actor from Old Boy and Cast Away on the Moon and wish I would have taken a picture with that man whether it was him or not. A Navajo Guide greeted us and we began the tour.

When we arrived the landscape just looked like a flat lot of sand. As we started the tour we could see the crack in the ground where the canyon is. We descended into the rainbow depths of sandstone caverns hiding beneath the ground in Utah. We didn’t go at a prime viewing time for photos. I did what I could with my little point and click in dim lighting, but my photos don’t do the beautiful colors and contrast justice compared to photos you can find on the internet.

The tour guide told us the horrifying story of twelve hikers who were swept away in a flash flood in 1997. There are now rescue ladders installed.

The Antelope Canyon was a beautiful but short hike. We got back on the road and headed over to the Grand Canyon.

Me and Daniel at Grand Canyon

Arms out at Grand Canyon

Daniel at Grand Canyon

We started the hike along the rim that provides a geological tour with rock formations and plaques that break down how the canyon was formed over millions of years. The sun started to set, but we were too far along to turn back.

Daniel beneath pine tree at Grand CanyonGrand Canyon after sunsetTimed at Grand Canyon

We were able to catch a free shuttle on the other side of the rim and get back to the car. We had one more stop on our road trip before it was time to head home.

Next Installment: Arches National Park


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